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The blood and fire spewed forth onstage by NOCTEM is a visceral, fitting companion to their unrivaled sound, a vicious black metal assault enhanced with a signature Iberian flourish. Arguably the best-known extreme metal export from Spain, NOCTEM’s ungodly path put them in front of cult audiences around the world, across Europe, Asia, Russia, and North America. Frontman and founder Beleth graced the cover of the Spanish edition of Metal Hammer in 2018 as a “Héro” of the genre. 
The first metal band from Spain to perform in China, NOCTEM’s unrelenting touring saw them team up with the likes of Marduk, Batushka, Napalm Death, Immolation, and many more over the years. Dozens of prestigious extreme festivals added them to their lineups, including Bloodstock Open Air (UK), Motocultor Festival (FR), Metaldays (Slovenia), and many more.
The band unveiled its fifth full-length studio album, The Black Consecration, in 2019. New Transcendence declared, “The Black Consecration is a superb album, littered with secrets and enticing riffs,” making favorable comparisons to early Emperor and Dark Funeral. Metal Hammer Portugal wrote, “in this particular genre,
it is perhaps one of the best Spanish works ever of its kind.” 
NOCTEM follows that career landmark with a new, definitive masterpiece, merging the crushing cacophony of angry, adrenaline-fuelled lust with newfound sorrows and mournful melodic might. Credo Certe Ne Cras (“I Believe With Certainty That There is No Tomorrow”) is a work of art. The album demands to be experienced as much as listened to,
invoking ritualistic examination. 
As emphasized in the brilliant album opener “I Am Alpha,” Beleth conceived of NOCTEM over 20 years ago. It grew to monstrous proportions, embodied in the album closer “We Are Omega,” which celebrates the unstoppable lineup completed by Moss (guitars), Tobal (guitars), Varu (bass), and Voor (drums). The band and its ever-widening audience are legions,
united in misanthropy and anguish.  

Credo Certe Ne Cras broadens its old-school-sounding predecessor's raw, filthy fury with bigger production and melody without sacrificing the frostbitten
200 mph winds of anger and blast beats.

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